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Selecting a BI Solution: What Every IT Manager Should Know

In today’s marketplace, the half-life of BI is typically shorter than the life of the project needed for its implementation. This means that companies are getting a continual negative return on their BI investment. It is time to approach the problem from a new direction and empower the business owners and knowledge workers to quickly and easily find the answers to their questions.

This webinar will address the following questions:

  • What is operational BI?
  • What are the business requirements of an operational BI system?
  • Can an organization afford to wait for a top-down operational BI initiative?
  • Are there better, more rapid options than disconnected spreadsheets and disparate reports?
  • What does it take to provide the environment and capabilities needed for operational BI while leveraging existing data infrastructure?

With the state of BI in a state of constant growth with new technologies, new players and acquisitions of old ones, there are more options and more choices than ever. The burden is often on the IT department to balance the business needs and the infrastructure needs of the company when making a BI Solution purchase. View this web seminar to give you the steps and tools necessary to evaluate and select the right BI solution for your organization.

About the speaker


Marc Rueter

Senior Director of Technology and Strategy - Tableau Software

Marc Rueter is Tableau Software’s Senior Director of Technology and Strategy. Prior to Tableau, he held positions at MicroStrategy and Siebel Systems. At Siebel, he led a team that developed successful applications for retailers. Marc plays an instrumental role in Tableau’s product development, providing critical input based on his experience helping clients with large projects. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for SQLServer. Marc holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech and an MBA from the University of Washington.

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