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IT Business Intelligence: Insight into IT Operations

Business intelligence projects are often designed and developed to help users answer questions about business conditions, comparing current trends to historical trends or measuring progress towards goals. But business intelligence technology does not have to focus exclusively on traditional sources such as sales, finance, or inventory data. The IT infrastructure supporting business operations is a rich source of data, too.

IT systems capture and store valuable information about IT operations that can help you improve operational efficiency, lower IT management costs, and improve quality. Some of this information is automatically captured by the operating system, business systems or database engines, while other information can be captured as needed through performance monitoring and profiling tools. By gathering and analyzing operations data, you can develop a more comprehensive view of your IT infrastructure to aid in root cause analysis of problems impacting business activities. In addition, you can use this data to detect trends in ongoing operations that could lead to performance bottlenecks and server failures. This type of insight into IT operations allows you to take steps to reverse these trends and prevent problems before they occur.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How operational intelligence compares to and contrasts with business intelligence
  • What type of data is useful for operational intelligence
  • How operational intelligence delivers actionable insight

Tableau Software was recently recognized by both the editors and community of SQL Server Magazine as the best business intelligence (BI) and reporting tool.

SQL Server BI Award

2010 Best Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool
Editors' Best and Community Choice

Why It Won: "Tableau Software’s business intelligence solution stands above the rest because it offers a rich, robust environment that lets users share their data visualizations (e.g., reports, dashboards) with one another quickly and easily."

About the speakers


Stacia Misner

Data Inspirations

Stacia Misner is a consultant, educator, mentor, and author specializing in business intelligence solutions since 1999 with more than 25 years of experience in information technology. She is the author and co-author of nine books about business intelligence. Her most recent book is Building Integrated Business Intelligence Solutions with SQL Server 2008 R2 and Office 2010. Stacia provides consulting and custom education services through Data Inspirations.


Marc Rueter

Senior Director of Technology and Strategy - Tableau Software

Marc Rueter is Tableau Software’s Senior Director of Technology and Strategy. Prior to Tableau, he held positions at MicroStrategy and Siebel Systems. At Siebel, he led a team that developed successful applications for retailers. Marc plays an instrumental role in Tableau’s product development, providing critical input based on his experience helping clients with large projects. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for SQLServer. Marc holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech and an MBA from the University of Washington.

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