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Insurance Analytics: Leading with Insights

The insurance industry can’t avoid change. Challenges can strike unexpectedly. There are some that build over time like shifting customer demographics and others that completely catch you off-guard such as the current, global pandemic. Collectively, they can trigger new risks, create new liability and pricing issues, and influence demand for new solutions that better meet customers’ needs.

These challenges may either generate change for the better, or in some cases, paralyse insurance companies. Even with change and uncertainty staring organisations in the face, there are lessons to learn that can help make you more agile and resilient. To embrace change, an important first step is prioritising and accelerating digital transformation and data-driven efforts so that you can improve operations, customer experiences, and risk management.

Join our webinar with The Information Lab, to learn how insurers are embracing this change by using Tableau to make data-driven decisions across their business.

Register now to discover:

  • How you can use data analytics to quickly reveal insights to help insurance companies navigate both the expected and unexpected
  • Insightful Tableau dashboards can collectively bring data together to help insurance companies better manage claims
  • How to find new opportunities and reducing risk using data with Visual Analytics

About the speakers


Josh Henderson

Account Manager, The Information Lab

Carl Allchin

Tableau Zen Master / Head Coach of Data School, The Information Lab

After a one day Tableau training course from The Information Lab several years ago, Carl became a Tableau addict and decided to make it his full time job. Carl joined The Information Lab in September 2014.

Carl’s experience focuses on Operational Improvement, Customer Experience measurement and Propostional development.

In his own time, Carl runs the blog Data Jedi Ninja that focuses on Tableau tips, tricks and visualisation experimentation. This allows him to visualise sporting data, especially basketball, and have a global discussion about what he finds along the way.

Carl is a Tableau Desktop Certified Trainer, Tableau Server Qualified Associate, and an Alteryx Certified Trainer.


Hugo Lloyd

Account Manager, Tableau

Michael McFadden

Tableau Solutions Consultant, The Information Lab

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