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Improve Customer Engagement with Analytics

What do the Finnish National Ice-Hockey Team’s preparation for the Sochi Olympics, a golfer playing a nice round of 18 holes and a team of business directors have in common? They all exercise and develop themselves at Vierumäki Country Club Ltd. Vierumäki develops, produces, executes, and markets high-quality meeting, congress, sports, and wellness services, along with provision of support functions such as restaurant, café, and catering services; construction work; and real-estate sales. Extensive service offerings pose a challenge for the Management Team to handle all the data that the various business systems and data sources are generating.

In this customer case we will look at how Vierumäki has improved the management visibility to provide the best possible customer experience and the role data analytics played in achieving success.


About the speakers

Marko Pajunen

MSc. of Eng, eMBA, Production Director at Sports Institute of Finland
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