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How to visually analyse your retail flow-of-goods

To improve product availability and product quality within your physical and online retail stores, you need to understand what’s happening at each step in a product's journey up to the point of sale - this is your flow-of-goods.

In this webinar, retail analytics expert Simon Runc will demonstrate how to visually analyse your data at every point along the flow-of-goods, including your supply chain data and point of sale data, so you can make quicker and better product decisions in real-time.

Learn how to visually analyse your retail flow-of-goods data so you can...

  • See in real-time what’s happening to your products
  • Combine your supply chain data and point of sale data for greater insight
  • Reduce stock-holding but improve on-shelf availability
  • Take action before low stock availability becomes an issue
  • Empower suppliers to act ahead of difficulties

About the speakers

Simon Runc

Retail Analytics Expert - Atheon Analytics
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At Atheon Analytics we believe that effective analysis of retailer data, and insightful communication of successes, opportunities and issues, is fundamental to strong retailer-supplier relationships; no more so than when dealing with supermarkets and other multiples, our heartland.

With 13 years experience in the visual analytics arena, 6 as a Tableau partner, and a senior team drawn from the best of UK retail and consumer goods, we are ideally placed to help retailers and consumer goods suppliers make the most of their data through effective, insightful and commercially savvy use of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.

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