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How to Scale a Culture of Analytics - The Citrix Story

Adoption of Tableau is often a “bottom-up” phenomenon. However, there are limits to what can be accomplished without “top-down” support. Drive is a top-down and bottom-up deployment methodology that can help IT organizations rolling out enterprise software. Join Kevin Sonsky, Senior Director, Business Intelligence, and Michael Delgado, Director of Information Management at Citrix Systems to hear more about how this new methodology worked for Citrix.
In this session you will learn:
  • How Citrix was able to leverage Drive for their enterprise deployment
  • A framework for understanding Waterfall and Agile deployments in the context of visual analytics
  • The drive road map for what a successful enterprise-wide analytics deployment looks like, including roles & responsibilities, overview of phases, and advice
  • Where to get a toolkit including best practices, workshops, and checklists

Drive will help you scale up your analytic culture and in so doing create a healthier, more engaging workplace for all.

About the speakers


Kevin Sonsky

Sr. Director of Enterprise BI, Citrix

Citrix salespeople live and breathe inside Salesforce.com, their CRM in the cloud. But much of their data and metrics don’t. Years of investments building warehouses and databases to integrate data from multiple source systems...now how does Citrix get that to the decision makers in the field? With Tableau, Citrix is able to build those interactive dashboards and reports and embed any views they want right inside of Salesforce.com.

Kevin has more than 20 years of experience in accounting, finance and business intelligence. He joined Citrix in 1999 working in a variety of corporate finance roles, including Corporate Controller. As a leader in the finance department, Kevin coordinates business intelligence strategy and governance initiatives, and is the lead evangelist for Tableau throughout the company.


Michael Delgado

Director of Information Management, Citrix Systems

Michael Delgado’s focus and passion is Enterprise Information Management including Enterprise Architecture, Business Intelligence and Business Analysis to streamline and formalize the activities associated with driving value from a company's data assets. He has initiated and led initiatives for companies across various industry sectors including High- Tech, Retail, Telecom and Financial Services which boost the value of their corporate information, tapping into it to increase operational productivity, reduce overhead costs and gain a substantial competitive advantage.


Ellie Fields

Senior Director, Product Development

Ellie Fields is a Senior Director of Product Development. Prior to Tableau, Ellie worked at Microsoft and in late-stage venture capital. She has an engineering degree from Rice University and an M.B.A. from The Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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