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How Not to Excel with Tableau

Wait…Are you saying that you are going to teach us how to fail with Tableau? Au contraire, we are going to free your minds from the constraints of how you think about reporting and dashboarding in Excel and other reporting tools. Then, we are going to blow your minds with the process to allow you to set aside your fears of raw data discovery and allow you to seek out the “unknown unknowns”.

About the speaker

Ryan Lempa

Ryan Lempa

Enterprise Sales Consultant Manager at Tableau

Ryan is a data enthusiast coming from an operations management and supply chain optimization background, who found Tableau and fell in love at first sight. He currently manages the Northeast Enterprise Sales Consultants for Tableau in the New York/New Jersey area, but worked as the primary Sales Consultant for J&J for most of the past 2 years. Ryan loves data, analytics, and leveraging both to optimize the quality of smoked meat.

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