On-Demand Webinar

How Institutions are Making an Impact with Data

Leaders in Higher Education are putting an emphasis on data-driven decision making as the hallmark of effective policy.

View this webinar and hear how others in Institutional Research are using interactive reporting to turn their ever-growing databases into knowledge and action.

Discussion topics include:

  • Building a data-driven mindset in the unique culture of Higher Education
  • Visualizing data to optimize resources on campus
  • Evaluating student academic achievement against institutional goals
  • Assessing the recruitment pool to determine potential success rate in a program
  • Combining multiple data sets into one interactive dashboard for more powerful survey analysis and reporting
  • Using data in real-time at the school, program and department level to manage Graduate enrollment

We're honored to have Robert Else from Institutional Research at Santa Barbara City College, as well as the team from the School of Social Work, Graduate Management Services and the Office of Institutional Analysis (OIA) at University at Buffalo for a discussion on the role of data visualization in Institutional Research and the impact it has had on their efforts.

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About the speakers

Robert Else

Sr. Director, Institutional Assessment, Research, and Planning, Santa Barbara City College

Leah Feroleto

Academic Information and Enrollment Analyst, School of Social Work, University at Buffalo

Amy Gurthrie

Graduate Assistant, Office of Institutional Analysis, University at Buffalo

Troy Joseph

Senior Staff Assistant Graduate Enrollment Management Services, University at Buffalo

Joe Mantione

Assistant Vice Provost, Institutional Analysis, University at Buffalo
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