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How Hospitals Can Drive Peak Performance with Data

Our healthcare economy is changing at an unprecedented pace. The key for hospitals to survive these changes is their ability to drive the perfect storm of high quality care, favorable financial reimbursements, and cost containment. At the middle of this storm sits the world’s largest healthcare management company: Texas Institute for Robotic Surgery.

In less than 3 years the Institute become an internationally recognized leader for healthcare change. Using what is now the world’s largest database, they have succeeded in integrating performance, cost containment, and the daVinci surgical system-- the most technologically advanced system available. Their efforts are impacting nearly 100 hospitals from coast to coast, including 25,000+ staff members and 30,000+ patients annually.

Hospitals that leverage the Institute’s access to information, storage, and business intelligence tools receive knowledge 100 times faster than individual hospitals. Attend this one-hour webinar to learn how the Texas Institute for Robotic Surgery is changing the future of our nation’s healthcare today.

Watch this webinar to see how hospitals are effectively monitoring:

  • Quality of care
  • Performance of staff
  • Cost
  • Revenue

About the speaker


Dr. Randy Fagin

Chief Administrative Officer, Texas Institute for Robotic Surgery

Randy Fagin, M.D., is one of the most influential robotic surgery thought leaders on the globe and serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for the Texas Institute for Robotic Surgery. His innovations and experience span surgery, the medical device industry, and hospital management. After attaining one of the world’s leading surgical experiences in robotic surgery, he became the Senior Medical Advisor for the largest robotic surgery company in the history of medical device. In 2011, he became the Chief Administrative Officer for the Texas Institute for Robotic Surgery and using big data has created the world’s largest collective intelligence on performance and quality for surgical robotics.

Dr. Fagin received his medical degree from SUNY at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, and completed his residency in Urology at SUNY Health Science Center in Syracuse. He is a board-certified Urological Surgeon.

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