Live Webinar

Guided Analytics

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Guided analytics allows Tableau users to create their own analysis and even share their findings with others, but the underlying data models, and the semantics of those models, are created and maintained by others.

In this live webinar our Tableau expert will show you how to build dashboards and data models that build on each other, allowing you to drill from one set of data to another until you achieve your analysis goal.

You will specifically learn about:

  • Self-populating dashboards
  • Select then see visual
  • Actions
  • Highlighting
  • URL Actions
  • Embedding in to other web pages

  • To learn more about how you can begin using Tableau, please contact:

    Jonathan Yates - Account Manager, Tableau
    +44 2033104826

    Sebastien Cassar - Account Manager, Tableau
    +33 173053636

    About the speakers

    Tarek Qaddoumi

    Product Consultant, Tableau

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