Getting Visual to Enhance the Impact and Influence of HR Data within the Public Service

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Tableau is pleased to invite you to this informative webinar to hear from two Government of Canada departments that are using Tableau to facilitate HR data-driven decision-making within their organizations.

Data is the new Gold! As the world becomes more data-driven, organizations, agencies, and senior management are looking to fully realize the benefits of their data. An estimated 80% of data is ignored in organizations due to the lack of inability to make sense of complex data. However, with the introduction of data visualizations tools such as Tableau, senior management can now unlock data-driven insights to make informed decisions and drive meaningful outcomes for their organizations.


The human brain is wired to process information visually, making data visualization one of the best ways to unlock a level of data engagement, impact, and influence that is difficult to achieve using tables and numbers alone. HR dashboards combine data from various HR systems to create visualizations based on established metrics that enhance accuracy and consistency in reporting, speeds access to data, facilitate the explanation of quantitative trends to non-technical audiences, and encourage data-driven decision-making. This presentation will focus on the approach adopted by the Canadian Forest Service in the development and use of HR-related dashboards and HR data analytics.

Speaker: Brian Bonnell - Manager, Portfolio Management and Performance Planning & Reporting Division, Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada

As a result of pay issues in the federal government due to the implementation of a new pay system, Tableau has successfully supported management in combining and analyzing complex data to identify and correct pay issues impacting their employees. Based on the success to date, the HR-to-Pay journey continues to expand the analysis to other known pay issues. This presentation will demonstrate the capabilities of leveraging Tableau to drive insight into pay discrepancies along with the root cause for any identified outlier.


Kate Cahill - Senior Manager, Innovative Projects and Client Applications and Directorate, Public Services and Procurement Canada

Basel Abou Laban - Senior Manager, Data Analytics, PwC