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Gain a competitive advantage: Understanding the voice of the customer with AI

Competition for customers is at an all-time high as companies focus on customer metrics to surface actionable insight.

Organizations are gaining a competitive advantage, with AI-powered speech recognition automatically capturing customers’ feedback and visual analytics’s ability to turn that data into actionable insight.

In this webinar, see how the once overwhelming task of capturing and analyzing mountains of customer data is not only possible with AI, but is easy to scale and automate.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Learn the key retail customer analytics trends
  • See a demo of how AI can quickly and accurately capture voice interactions
  • Learn which customer metrics to capture and how to use them to minimize risk
  • Learn how to apply visual best practices to your customer data

About the speakers

Emily Nave

Director, Strategic Partnerships | VoiceBase

Patrick McCormick

Owner | McCormick BI, LLC Advisor | VoiceBase

Bridget Cogley

Senior Consultant | McCormick BI Three-Time Tableau Zen Master

Jeff Huckaby

Global Market Segment Director for Retail and Consumer Goods, Tableau
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