On-Demand Webinar

Fresh Thinking on Communicating with Data

Andy Kirk is a UK-based freelance data visualisation specialist: a design consultant, training provider, author, editor of visualisingdata.com, speaker and researcher.

During this webinar Andy will share his advice about effectively and efficiently communicating with data to get your message across. He will breakdown the components of good and ineffective visualisation design explaining how fresh thinking can make the biggest difference to your data visualisation capabilities. Whilst talent in design, technology and skills with data are vital attributes, Andy will breakdown some of the critical thinking components that optimise the clarity and suitability of your visualisation design choices.

During this session you'll learn about the importance of:

  • Framing your thinking contextually
  • Harnessing curiosity
  • Unlocking your imagination
  • Navigating efficiently through design choices
  • Creating a workflow for your sequenced thinking

About the speakers

Andy Kirk

Data Visualisation Specialist and Founder of visualisingdata.com

Andy Cotgreave

Technical Evangelism Director, Tableau
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