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Want to learn more about Tableau? Here's your chance!

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Join your Fidelity team for an introduction to Tableau! If you are brand new, or newer to Tableau, this presentation is for you. Even if you are a Tableau veteran, there will be something you'll learn in this webinar. You'll hear Tableau's mission, and begin to understand how Tableau helps people see and understand their data. This introductory webinar is intended to jumpstart you with Tableau, and show you the art of the possible.

In this webinar, you can expect:

  • An introduction to me, and how I support you at Fidelity to make you successful.
  • A demo of Tableau, to see how you too can begin to see and understand your data.
  • What's next for Fidelity? Get invited to upcoming Tech Talks for Fidelity.

Speak with you on the 21st!

About the speakers

Anthony Speziale

Enterprise Sales Representative, Tableau

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