Live Webinar

Fast, Accurate Claims Processing with HIPAA EDI Data Analysis

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The biggest challenges in efficient, timely and correct claims analysis and processing more often than not come down to the data itself, and the impact is very real. From delayed payments, lost revenue from incorrect reimbursements to critical care denial for patients, data can be the root of many core challenges facing healthcare payers today. The good news is that there are modern tools that can readily alleviate the pain of slow, bad and incomplete data while dramatically scaling your ability to get data that you can trust quickly.

In this webcast, we will show you how to use Paxata’s Adaptive Data Preparation platform to collaboratively parse, validate, and prepare healthcare claims data for visualization in Tableau for fast insights. This combination is massively scalable, highly performant, and easy to use will accelerate your business operations by making them more data driven.

In this webcast you will:

  • Learn about the core data challenges in partner on-boarding from industry experts from Eccella
  • Learn how these challenges impact your business
  • See a live demonstration using Paxata and Tableau to address these challenges

About the speakers

Joshua Girard

Senior Manager, Eccella Consulting

Lilia Gutnik

Director, Product Management, Paxata

Paul Lilford

Senior Director, Technology and Market Intelligence, Tableau