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Externalising Data & Reporting for your Clients in the Legal Sector

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Mckinsey found that data-driven organisations are 23x more likely to add clients, 9x more likely to retain clients and 1.5x more likely to grow revenue by 10%.

While this is a powerful statement, companies are also dealing with the fall-out from COVID-19. 85% of executives believe that this pandemic will impact their needs and wants of their clients over the next 5 years but only 21% feel like they are equipped to face the challenge.

Within the legal sector, this is more important now than ever as clients needs/expectations are increasingly changing. As a result, those who are leading through change are delivering more than a service. They are putting data at the heart of their conversations with their clients and delivering Insights to demonstrate digital trust at a time of change.

Join us to learn why the legal sector is turning to Tableau to deliver these insights, reports and data back to their clients by embedding each of these three components into the fabric of their extranets.

About the speakers

Christopher Curran

Senior Enterprise Account Manager, Tableau

Andy Roberts

Commercial Sales Manager, Tableau

Mike Lowe

Account Manager, The Information Lab

Andre de Vries

Solutions Engineer, The Information Lab