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Executive Marketing Dashboards: The 360-Degree Diagnosis

Executives want information about their business in a way that is accurate, accessible, and easy to understand. Not only do executives need to comprehend and share their data analyses quickly, they also need to make critical and actionable decisions with confidence.

With respect to marketing channels and programs, executives want to know what is working, what is not, and are investments being appropriately allocated? As such, leaders must be able to communicate marketing’s immediate contribution to revenue, and make acute strategic moves and course adjustments.

During this webinar, Tableau’s Chief Marketing Officer, Elissa Fink will share how to tell an inspiring and complete story to executive management. You will learn how to present data to get buy-in, understand your return on investment risk and demonstrate the value you are providing.

Discussion topics include:

  • Which metrics should earn a spot on your marketing dashboard
  • Building interactive dashboards that address time-sensitive questions on-the-fly
  • Dashboard best practices straight from the CMO
  • How to leverage visual analysis for greater impact

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About the speakers

Elissa Fink

Chief Marketing Officer - Tableau Software
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