On-Demand Webinar

Establish Internal Communications and Resources to Promote Adoption

When deploying Tableau across your organisation, establishing internal communications and enablement resources will help to promote adoption and scale analytics more efficiently.

Join this webinar to learn how to build a well-defined communications plan to build your user community, nurture the use of data and analytics across all skill levels, and minimise the resources needed to answer common questions.

Learn how your organisation can:

  • Leverage the intranet, forums, and newsletters to communicate with your user community.
  • Use a variety of self-service methods to on-board Tableau users.
  • Bring together Tableau users within the company to share best practices.

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About the speaker


Laura Choo

Customer Success Manager, Tableau

Laura is a Customer Success Manager at Tableau in our Singapore office. She works closely with clients to help them maximize their Tableau investment by ensuring they have access to the right resources and guidance for achieving their analytics goals.

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