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Emerging Business Intelligence Best Practices

The ground is shifting beneath business intelligence (BI). Users are adopting mobile platforms, a trend that introduces an exciting new form factor for BI but also new challenges for information management. Users are demanding better data visualization and more dynamic self-service access—and not just on their desktops but on smart phones and tablets. With BI technologies becoming increasingly mission-critical to business processes, customer interactions and operational decisions, organizations are raising the bar for high performance, availability and use of new kinds of data. To ramp up capabilities quickly, many are turning to BI in the cloud.

What can organizations do to ensure that their BI applications and services meet the requirements of this emerging world? Find out in this Webinar focused on enabling you to prosper with BI amid significant changes to user requirements and information technology. Ensure the best business intelligence software standards to respond to this changing landscape.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Best practices for success with emerging BI technologies
  • Mobile BI risks and rewards
  • How cloud computing fits into BI strategies
  • Key role of data visualization and new kinds of data, such as geo-spatial

About the speakers

David Stodder

Director of Research for Business Intelligence, TDWI
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