Einstein Discovery in Tableau Hands-On Workshop

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Join this workshop for an introduction to Einstein Discovery in Tableau: Our solution to democratizing data science. As a modern, self-service analytics culture grows, more organizations are looking for ways to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning into their daily decisions. Get hands-on with Einstein Discovery and learn how it can help you put data science techniques safely into the hands of business experts directly within Tableau. In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Build a model in Einstein Discovery

  • Explore the predictive model for insights

  • Assess the health and accuracy of a predictive model

  • Deploy predictions into Tableau Dashboards

  • Scale AI-powered analytics to all of your users


About the speaker


Eli Blankers

Senior Solution Engineer, Tableau

Eli Blankers is a Senior Solution Engineer at Tableau, partnering with customers to solve  technical problems and visualize their data.  Eli has been with Tableau since September 2015 and has nine years of selling software solutions and building client relationships.  As a Solution Engineer, Eli has had exposure to hundreds of different organizations across various industries and sizes with a broad range of enterprise systems and goals.