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Deep Data Exploration: Find Patterns in Your Data More Quickly and Easily

It’s easy to analyze, report, and monitor simple business trends in your data. But what if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for in the data? For example, how can you discover what people most care about or identify fraud or other bad actors in your business? It can be difficult to explore data quickly and in interactive ways - especially if you have big, diverse data or want to run more than simple SQL queries.

This type of “Investigative Analytics” is a hot topic where data scientists (AKA Data Ninjas) are creating competitive advantage at companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google. But how does this apply to you?

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • The 6 things you can do with new analytic solutions
  • Example rich-analytic applications within internet, media, retail and financial services industries
  • Investigative analytic techniques data scientists use to make sense from big, diverse data
  • Key considerations for making data exploration faster and easier

Hosted by Curt Monash, praised by Larry Ellison for his "unmatched insight into technology and marketplace trends”, this webinar will provide insight into the market trends in advanced reporting and analytics that are transforming businesses.

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Curt Monash

Technology Industry Strategic Advisor
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