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The Science of Visual Analytics – D&B Presenter: Sales Effectiveness

The Science of Visual Analytics
D&B Presenter: Carolyn Marks, Sales Effectiveness

Join us for a live webinar exclusively for Dun and Bradstreet introducing the science behind visual analytics on December 2.

What we’ll be covering:
During this event, hear from a the Director of Business Excellence in Sales Effectiveness on how they are driving success analyzing sales performance in Tableau. Followed by the Tableau team presenting on how to drive your analysis visually with science.

D&B Sales Effectiveness Showcase [1:00PM-1:20PM]
+ How D&B is leveraging Tableau for sales performance analysis
+ Compensation tracking by region, channel, team overlay and more
+ Learn how to get quick insight to drive sales decisions

The Science of Visual Analysis [1:20PM-1:50PM]
+ Why Visualize?
+ Human Perception and Cognition
+ Use of Color, Form / Shape, Position & Size
+ Orientation and Flow
+ The 5 Second Test

Interactive Q&A Session [1:50PM-2:00PM]
+ How to get started with Tableau
+ D&B and Tableau key contacts and resources
+ Upcoming Tableau and D&B events

Whether you’re a long time Tableau user, just getting started, or curious how others are using Tableau, this event is for you!

WebEx link
Number: 1-877-668-4493
Access code: 920 734 138

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