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Common Dashboard Mistakes – D&B Presenter: Adam Morehouse

Common Dashboard Mistakes
D&B Presenter: Adam Morehouse, Senior Macro Analytic Consultant

What is covered:
During this event, hear from a D&B team on how they are driving success analyzing data in Tableau, followed by the Tableau team presenting on how to avoid the most common dashboard mistakes.

D&B Showcase
+ How Advanced Analytic Services is using Tableau to demonstrate new analytic solutions to sales prospects.
+ A demonstration on how the Economics team uses Tableau to quickly perform data analysis across countries.
+ An easy way to use Tableau Public to create your own data visualization department and drive internet traffic to your landing page with very little costs.

Do This, Not That
+ Fragmentation
+ Inadequate Context
+ Excessive Detail
+ Inappropriate Display Choices
+ Misuse of Color

Interactive Q&A Session
+ How to get started with Tableau
+ D&B and Tableau key contacts and resources
+ Upcoming Tableau and D&B events

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