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Driving Smart Decisions At Your Organization: Business Intelligence for the People

In an ideal world, every decision your organization makes would be based on perfect information and be perfectly executed. While both are difficult to achieve, business intelligence solutions can provide timely, actionable insights to facilitate smart decision-making. Unfortunately this data is typically held in the hands of those few employees who understand these traditionally complicated BI systems.

Attend and learn how to:

  • Deploy a flexible business intelligence solution
  • Empower smart decisions based on the facts, not gut feel
  • Remain competitive while dealing with constantly shrinking decision windows
  • Reduce the burden on IT alone to produce/update your reports

Join us to hear industry expert Lyndsay Wise discuss strategies and solutions that permit greater accessibility, flexibility and understanding of your organization’s successes and failures through the use of next-generation business intelligence.

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Driving Smart Decisions At Your Organization: Business Intelligence for the People

About the speakers


Lyndsay Wise

Owner of WiseAnalytics

Lyndsay is the president and founder of WiseAnalytics, a boutique consulting and analyst firm focused on business intelligence. Lyndsay has ten years of IT experience in business systems analysis, software selection, and implementation of enterprise applications. She provides consulting services for small and mid-sized companies and conducts research into leading technologies, market trends, BI products and vendors, mid-market needs, and data visualization.

Michael Oliver-Goodwin

Contributing Editor at Focus

Michael is a Contributing Editor for Focus. He is a widely published writer and an experienced editor for publications, including PC World, MacWeek and InfoWorld.

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