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With a 58,000-mile network of highways and bridges, 4 underwater crossings, 2 mountain tunnels, 3 ferries and 20,800 bridges to maintain, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is a busy organization. In 2013 the VDOT team began using Tableau technology to analyze operations and crash events, and in 2014 they rolled out phase two to optimize the deployment of DOT assets.

Data visualization technology was new to the VDOT culture, and there are some implementation best practices learned along the journey. In this presentation hear how VDOT brought together more than 200 source systems, their ETL platform, their data warehouse, and their end user community to better serve the citizens of Virginia and the travelers who move along the state’s transportation network.

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Keith Donley

Assistant Division Administrator, Enterprise Data Management, Virginia Department of Transportation

Keith Donley is Assistant Division Administrator at Virginia Department of Transportation, and he responsible for Enterprise Data Management in the Information Technology Division. His career has spanned the private and public sectors as both employee and consultant.

With over 30 years of experience solving business problems through the application of technology, Donley has proven capabilities in designing and delivering solutions as well as selecting and implementing technologies with enterprise impact. He spent 15 years at his own firm, consulting and providing both packaged and custom solutions to clientele from Doctors to Architects, in the early days of personal computers. In the late 90’s he joined Philip Morris, USA, to deliver their first enterprise BI implementation using SAP BW. He remained there for the next 14 years in roles as diverse as Project Manager, Enterprise Data architect, Business Intelligence architect and BI manager before retiring from the private sector. Before he left, he accomplished a revamp of the BI architecture by leading the implementation of Teradata as the EDW, WhereScape Red for ETL, and Tableau to deliver analytics to the business community. In his almost two years at VDOT, Donley has again introduced Tableau to new environment ready for a change in the delivery of information and access to actionable intelligence.

Donley is a graduate from Purdue University with a degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision (B.S.).

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