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DojoTalk – Data cleaning and preparation with Tableau

Data cleaning and preparation may take up to 80% of the analysis time. Tableau provides rich capabilities to help prepare the data. Moreover, with Project Maestro anyone can quickly and easily create flows to clean and structure millions of records.

We will cover:

  • Out-of-the box data modelling and cleaning in Tableau
  • How to structure your data for different types of analysis
  • Introduction to Project Maestro and creating more advanced data cleaning and preparation flows

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About the speaker


Selchuk Emin

Product Consultant, Tableau

Selchuk’s role involves making customers become successful with Tableau by helping them see and understand data. Before joining Tableau, he worked as a tax consultant at PwC. After more than three years of tax law, accounting and finance, he decided to explore the world of software and accidentally learnt about Tableau and how visual analytics can transform businesses. When not talking about Tableau, Selchuk loves travelling to new destinations and discovering different cultures.

You can follow Selchuk on LinkedIn.

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