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Please join us for Department of Energy User Group to hear from Michael Hilliard from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), and Gabe Dewitt from National Energy technology Laboratory (NETL)share their use cases.

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Visualizing the potential future of biomass feedstocks:

When Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) led the production of the 448 page 2016 Billion Ton report for DOE, they needed ways to make sense of a 100 million row data set as it evolved through multiple modeling iterations. The team was also collaborating with researchers around the country. A series of Tableau visualizations provided tools for data quality checks, analysis, peer review, publication, and the creation of an interactive version of the report. The visualizations were used on researchers’ desktops as well as wall-sized interactive displays, posters, videos, and on a website. Dr. Michael Hilliard developed most of the visualizations, and he will present a dashboard that evolved into a key tool for understanding the geographic and temporal potential for agricultural biomass under various economic assumptions. The dashboard is linked into the PDF version of the report and available in the online interactive version through the Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Framework.

The Swiss Army Knife of Visualization:

The core of our understanding is communicated visually (nearly half of the human brain is directly or indirectly devoted to processing visual information).
So, let’s take advantage of that! Enter Tableau, a multi-tool analytics/visualization software that’s designed to be visually understood.

In this this discussion, Gabe DeWitt will highlight some of the potentials of Tableau from a zero training user perspective, and the Tableau visualizations he’s created while working with the National Energy technology Laboratory (NETL). Examples will include the first dashboard he published (Carbon Capture and Storage - which is featured on Tableau’s greatest hits page), Sankey Diagrams, a single dashboard visual report (which replaced a 600+ page document), and a few just-for-fun things.

On Demand Recording 1 Here

On Demand Recording 2 Here

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