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Tableau Desktop: Working with Excel Data

Are you struggling to visualize healthcare based Excel data with Tableau? If so, Tableau invites you to join an upcoming live review session on Friday, May 26th at 12pm EST.

Often Excel data is formatted for human consumption vs analysis. In this session, we will cover why Excel doesn’t always work for analysis, and what you can do about it. Topics will include, what is “raw data” vs “report data”, data prep strategies in Excel and how to utilize Tableau’s data prep features.

To replicate a familiar environment for you, we will use various healthcare data sets, including pharmacy and EMR data. Walk away with a clear understanding of what Tableau expects when connecting to Excel, allowing you to find quick insights in your data.

The event is free feel and we ask you use the link to the right to register.

Learn more about Tableau healthcare use cases in our Tableau for Healthcare series.

About the speaker


James Davis

Sales Consultant

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