On-Demand Webinar

Separating Myth from Truth in Data Visualisation

Have you ever wondered what are the right and wrong practices in data visualisation design?

In this webinar, industry expert Andy Kirk will shine a light on some of the most discussed and debated aspects of data visualisation design. He will expose some of the myths about data visualisation and reinforce some of the truths in order to offer practitioners, professionals and part-time enthusiasts alike greater clarity about this increasingly popular discipline.

Join Andy to find answers to the following queries

  • Should data visualisation always be about striving for simplicity?
  • Does Big Data make a difference to visualisation techniques?
  • Is 3D visualisation always bad?
  • Are pie charts really evil and word clouds really dumb?
  • What actually is storytelling with data?
  • Should red and green never be seen?
  • Join us to submit questions during the live Q&A with our presenter and attendees.

    About the speakers

    Andy Kirk

    Data Visualisation Specialist and Founder of visualisingdata.com
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