Data Rich but Information Poor: Building a Data-Driven Culture in Manufacturing at MAGNA

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Manufacturing is a complex business. Products include many parts, requiring complex fabrication and assembly, and utilize expensive equipment. Supply chains are global, lead times can be significant, and even carefully prepared plans can go wrong. Add in workforce management, order data, shipping, and inventory management, and Manufacturing organizations find themselves swimming in volumes of data. This data holds valuable insights, and can help solve complex problems when properly utilized. Unfortunately, many organizations and individuals simply struggle to create a basic chart needed for their next meeting.

Successful manufacturing companies understand the value of timely, insightful and understandable information. Becoming a data-driven organization requires the use of advanced technology that is capable of accessing and analyzing a diverse amount of data. In this Magna webinar, we will use COVID data to showcase how leading manufacturers can access volumes of data to:

  • Implement "big-needle metrics" for a clear picture of employees health, risk and impact across assembly lines
  • Develop insights that can predict & forewarn of risks before they become issues
  • Leverage data from different sources to drive actionable insights

Join us to see how Tableau can empower your teams to unlock the potential lying within their data!


About the speakers

Richard Knight

Richard Knight

Analytics Practice Lead and Chief Data Scientist - Acumen Solutions

Richard is Acumen Solutions' Analytics Practice Lead and Chief Data Scientist. He has spent his entire 11+ year career in the Data & Analytics space, solving business problems with data for dozens of Enterprise-class clients across many different industries and countries, including the UK, US & Canada. In addition to building & managing Acumen Solutions' Analytics team, he spends the majority of his time helping customers to identify the right Analytics solutions & approaches to help solve their business problems & answer their business questions. Richard holds a BSc in Mathematics.

Nick Shuman

Nick Shuman

Nick is a data & analytics professional with 7+ years of experience in the Analytics space across large Public and Private sector clients, including the likes of Mercedes Benz. Nick is a Tableau Certified Associate Consultant and brings Tableau solution design expertise to his customers, in addition to his advanced analytics technical skills.

Steve Kopstick

Steve Kopstick

Managing Director of the Canada Region - Acumen Solutions

Steve is a Managing Director of the Canada Region at Acumen Solutions. He is responsible for Acumen Solutions' Sales and Delivery across all industries and solutions in Canada.


Joe Bala

Strategic Advisor, Tableau

Joe is a strategic advisor supporting clients on their data driven journey.  Joe’s passion lies in helping organizations unlock the power of Data to achieve business outcomes.