Data Marketplaces: Open a New Revenue Stream for your Business

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If your organization has invested in data, you may have access to all the information you need to make data-driven decisions. Can your clients say the same?

This session will explore the best practices required for sharing key information with customers while monetizing your data, your most valuable asset, through a Data Marketplace. To help you get started, Tableau and Slalom will identify the key questions and decision points for your company’s journey to accelerate data transformation. Additionally, executives from Standard Charter and MScience will review strategic considerations in adopting a revenue-generating approach to data and analytics.

Webcast Outline:

  1. Slalom & Tableau
    a. What is a Data Marketplace?
    b. Why? [Burning platform]
  2. M Science story
  3. Standard Charter's story
  4. Slalom & Tableau
    a. Questions to prepare for a data marketplace
    b. Basic technical set up
  5. Panel discussion (Slalom, M Science, Standard Charter, Tableau)
    a. Interactive Q&A
  6. Event Summary & Wrap Up

About the speaker


Michael Holcomb

Strategic Customer Success Manager | Financial Services

Michael Holcomb is a Finance Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. He is highly skilled in data modeling & visualization, financial and operational metrics, management and corporate finance. Prior to joining Tableau he spent 11 years at Bloomberg as a CFO Team Lead for Trading Solutions, Division CFO for Presidents and Chairman’s Offices and Bloomberg Government, located in Washington D.C., and lastly as a Strategic Financial Advisor. He has consulted at many of the large banks on Wall Street and was the Nasdaq Stock Market’s Strategic Initiatives Controller during the time they were exploring ‘trading with the sun’. He started his career at IBM.