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Data Analytics and Interactive Gaming - Opportunities to Influence Consumer Behavior

Tween interactive social world such as Club Penguin, Webkinz, Poptropica, and numerous others provide environments for children to play games, interact with each other, earn virtual money, and spend that virtual money on a variety of items. But even though none of these items are real, the environments models the real world in which individual consumption behavior can be logged, analyzed, and monitored.

And as each participant is a future consumer in the real world, understanding their transactions can shed insight into their current behavior, and that analysis can then be used to influence their future behavior. This is relevant when you consider that some of the major gaming sites are owned by manufacturing, entertainment, and food industry giants.

In this talk we look at ways that individuals interact and perform transactions in virtual worlds, and conjecture ways that subjecting these transaction histories to analysis and aggregation can help the interactive environments enrich their products and services, and even translate into adjustments to real-world positioning, marketing, and sales strategies.

What you will learn:

  • Virtual interaction in online gaming sites
  • Data mining techniques applied to online gaming
  • The difference between a puffle and a webkinz

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About the speakers

David Loshin

President, Knowledge Integrity, Inc.
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