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Creating a Data-Driven Healthcare Organisation

Are you trying to build a data-driven culture in your organisation? Would you like to drive change with analytics-based decision making?

This webinar will tell the story of Southern Health, one of the UK’s largest combined community and mental health trusts. Within six months of using Tableau they have created a culture of visibility and accountability, helping clinicians engage with their contribution to the Trust and patient outcomes. Over 1,000 users have self-registered to access reports with over 600 visualisations viewed a day. Highlighted by NHS England as an example of best-practice, their work with Tableau has transformed how information is used from ward to board, saving time and improving quality of care.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to engage business users all the way through procurement to implementation and development
  • How to build a solution which answers the needs of business users
  • How to drive action and continuous performance improvement with analytics
  • Tips and tricks for engaging business users with reports
  • How to drive adoption and development with a small team and small budget

About the speakers

Simon Beaumont

Head of Information, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Adrian Downing

Healthcare Director, Concentra
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