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Clark Builders Partners with LightHorse Innovations: Increases performance by leveraging eCMS data

Clark Builders is a fast growing +$800 million revenue Canadian General Contractor with substantial self-perform work. As volume and complexity of projects increased, timely and accurate information in areas including labour hours and cost, committed costs, and safety became essential. Construction managers spent countless hours combing through hundreds of printed reports to identity issues, often missing critical items.

Acessing, Leveraging and Reporting on Construction Data with Tableau

Clark Builders partnered with LightHorse Innovations to expose and leverage data locked in eCMS to solve problems in 3 key areas: 1) Job Cost 2) Labour Hours 3) Work on Hand. As a result, Clark adopted Tableau software to transform data into user friendly, interactive, and timely reports and dashboards using business analytics and date visualization.

Leveraging available construction data to increase project performance

In this webinar, Clark will demonstrate:

  • Provide fast, accurate and easily accessible project information for project managers to monitor project health.
  • Consolidate eCMS information with other data sources, improving financial decision-making.
  • Create user-friendly, cross-departmental, and interactive dashboards, enhancing overall transparency and visibility of project and corporate performance.
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About Onware Inc.

Onware is a team of software professionals based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, since 2002.

Our passion is building great software and experiences for our clients with attention to detail.

Today, in addition to the Onware product, we provide technology solutions to the architectural, engineering, construction, and owner (the “AECO”) industry. Our Tableau business first started in 2011, working on a major ERP project with Tableau as a key tool.

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