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Considerations for Deploying Self-Service BI

Business users need access to data to help them make better decisions, and self-service BI is a great way to satisfy that need. But self-service BI is not self-deploying. As you evaluate your options for self-service BI technologies, you should develop an understanding not only of the effort required to put that technology into production, but also of the technical and support infrastructure necessary for a successful deployment.

Because self-service BI is all about accessing data, you’ll need to consider whether the structures you have in place will work “as is” and whether users can easily and repeatedly integrate data from business sources systems with data stored in spreadsheets or text files. You’ll also need to assess whether a tool uses in-memory processing or relies on a live connection to the data, and ensure that the desktops and servers in your organization can support the processing load. Most importantly, your ability to roll out the technology smoothly and to provide a sufficient learning and support infrastructure will affect the adoption rate of self-service BI in your organization.

Attend this webinar to learn how the following factors can impact the speed and cost of deploying self-service BI:

  • Data structures: OLTP, data warehouse, and proprietary formats
  • Integration of multiple types of data sources
  • Data structures: OLTP, data warehouse, and proprietary formats
  • In-memory processing versus live server connections
  • Ability to share dashboards and reports while maintaining data security
  • Training and support requirements

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Stacia Misner

Data Inspirations
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