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Take the Headache out of Data Prep!

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     "How come I spend each week preparing the same report?"

     "We have soooooo many data sources!"

     "How can I achieve a single source of truth?"

Do these problems sound familiar? It's no secret that analysts are spending 80% of their time cleaning data and only 20% of their time performing analysis and uncovering insights.

If you've got Tableau, you've got Tableau Prep Builder - a friendly, simple and powerful interface for stitching together your complex data flows with no coding skills required.

In this session, our Partner CoEnterprise, will teach you the ins and outs of Prep:

  • Connect to data and visually analyze results
  • Combine data through joins and unions
  • Clean and review data with ML Automate and output data to Tableau Desktop and / or Server

About the speaker

Jake Lorber headshot

Jake Lorber

CoEnterprise Analytics Consultant

Using his experience as an Analytics Consultant, Jake helps clients navigate through complex business problems, ensure they are maximizing the utility of their data, and identify the best way to increase adoption of the use of Tableau's suite of products.