Live Webinar

Currier McCabe & Associates: Leverage Data to Manage Through Crisis and Beyond

COVID-19 has imposed unprecedented demands on HHS programs and the citizens being served around the country. New York State has been recognized as a leader with its comprehensive response program and the ability to leverage the power of data. CMA and Tableau have supported NYS pandemic responses, including public COVID response dashboards, facilitating funding allocations to providers based on the CARES Act, and performing impact analysis to major programs like Medicaid. Please join Tableau and CMA's Gary Davis, Executive Vice President, Steve Zizzi, Chief Innovation Officer, and Jeff Wendth, Vice President of Healthcare Solutions, to learn how the power of data can help you manage through this crisis and beyond.

This is part of the Leading Through Change in Government webinar series.

About the speakers

Gary Davis

Executive Vice President, Currier McCabe & Associates

Jeff Wendth

Vice President of Healthcare Solutions, Currier McCabe & Associates

Steve Zizzi

Chief Innovation Officer, Currier McCabe & Associates