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Closing the Gap: Using Data to Drive Sales Performance

Studies show that only 42% of companies achieved their sales quota in 2012*. Sales organisations are left seeking answers to strategic and tactical questions about how they are going to accurately forecast and meet their quotas.

How can we reduce the gap between our current performance, forecast, and quota?
What can we do to prevent chasing the wrong leads, opportunities, and customers?
How do we avoid lost productivity and missed opportunities by providing our managers and reps with the tools they need to succeed?

In this 60 minute webinar, we’ll share examples of how data visualisation and sales performance dashboards are being used internally, and by our customers, as a huge factor in driving world class sales performance.

You will learn you how to unlock insight from data to:

  • Make better data-driven decisions
  • Drive increased productivity and performance
  • Provide better leadership and accountability

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*According to CSO Insights' 2013 Sales Performance Optimisation Study which surveyed over 1500 firms of various size and across multiple industries.

About the speakers

Evan Randall

Vice President, Sales Operations, Tableau Software
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