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Visual Design Tricks

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Join us for a live webinar exclusively for BAC on January 30th.

At Tableau we help people see and understand data. Seven words that drive everything we do. And they’ve never been more relevant. Tableau is all about making data analytics fast, easy, beautiful, and most importantly – useful. Helping people gain insight into their data to solve unexpected problems is what drives us.

You are encouraged and invited to attend the session regardless of whether or not you are a current Tableau user.

Balancing simplicity, functionality, and multiple views in a dashboard can be tricky—especially when you have a large amount of information to deliver. Knowing how to tailor design to your end user can make all the difference. In this session, we'll discuss story mapping tools and heuristics you can use to prioritize what belongs in your dashboard (and what doesn't). Bring the right level of interactivity and complexity to your dashboards, and take your design skills to the next level.

About the speakers

Rob Barnhart

Product Consultant

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