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Citrix Enables Sales Interactive Metrics in Salesforce.com

Citrix salespeople live and breathe inside Salesforce.com, their CRM in the cloud. But much of their data and metrics don’t. Years of investments building warehouses and databases to integrate data from multiple source systems...now how does Citrix get that to the decision makers in the field? With Tableau, Citrix is able to build those interactive dashboards and reports and embed any views they want right inside of Salesforce.com.

Citrix salespeople now have visibility to the key performance metrics that matter with full data interactive capabilities through filters and selections. They can even use the data to seamlessly jump to specific Salesforce.com customers or opportunities. To salespeople, it’s all in one place.

Now Citrix can:

  • Provide visibility of key performance metrics to the sales community to manage their business more effectively.
  • Bring enterprise-wide data to Salespeople without having to physically move and maintain the data in Salesforce.com.
  • Leverage existing database investments and security models in place.

Kevin Sonsky, Senior Director of Business Intelligence and Arun Dabas, Reporting & Analytics Manager will pull back the covers on how this was done, the technical considerations, and show you the dashboard in action.

About the speakers

Kevin Sonsky

Sr. Director of Enterprise BI, Citrix
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