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Exclusive Webinar for Capital Group

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The Fixed Income team is working with IT partners to leverage technology tools, including Tableau and Alteryx, to improve the delivery of Business Management Reporting and the automation of processes that were previously manual. In this webinar we will take a deep dive into select reports highlighting business value, process, as well as lessons learned and tips for Tableau development.


Michelle Lynch (MIRL) is a Fixed Income Senior Business Analyst. She currently leads Fixed Income Business Management Reporting for Mike Gitlin, Bill Waesche and other Fixed Income leadership. She has 21+ years of Capital markets experience. She is passionate about Swim with Mike and the USC Trojans.

Katrina Cain (CONKATC) is a Consultant in Slalom’s Los Angeles Information Management & Analytics (IM&A) practice. She has 5+ years of capital markets and automotive industry experience using data and analytics to improve decision making and achieve better business outcomes. She is passionate about data visualization and dashboard creation using technologies such as Tableau and Alteryx.

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