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Building Truly Collaborative Business Intelligence

Today's business challenges require real-time information and swift decision-making. Companies that want to remain competitive must empower their data analysts with tools that can prepare data quickly, then enable iterative, visual interactions that move at the pace of business. For deeper questions to be answered effectively, users need a solution that allows them fluid access to a variety of data sets, and a wide range of visual tools for understanding what it all means.

Watch this 35-minute webinar to see how Tableau Software can help you see, understand and share your data like never before.

About the speaker


Miranda Li

Product Analyst, Tableau Software

Miranda Li is a Tableau visualization expert and Trainer for Visual Analysis. In her previous position as a Product Analyst, she critiqued, redesigned, and developed hundreds of dashboards for Tableau’s corporate website. She is the author of the Tableau Visual Best Practices white paper, and is currently working on producing Tableau sample workbooks in eight different languages to be packaged with 9.0. Prior to Tableau, she worked in business intelligence, marketing, business development, cross-cultural communication and international trade.

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