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Building Collaboration, Conversation and Collective Impact around Data

As members of the largest private charitable network in the world, teams at United Ways in Cincinnati, the Bay Area, and Salt Lake City are wielding data at the forefront of efforts around poverty and education. The increasing availability of data and information presents these United Ways with new opportunities to focus on building accountability, driving conversation, and strategic decision making.

Many United Ways are tackling complex problems and are collaborating with multiple partners (local agencies, government and corporations to name a few). This results in new challenges leveraging disparate data from a range of sources and partners, while simultaneously sharing discovery of patterns/trends that can lead to new insights and inspire action.

Watch this 45-minute webinar to see how United Ways are utilizing visual analytics to accomplish this, and to ignite conversation to build a strong data-driven culture.

Discussion topics include:
  • Combining different data sets to target critical populations
  • Exploring partnership data to solve programmatic challenges
  • Delivering insights to help convene partners and build collective impact within schools, districts and regions

About the speakers


Annie Ryan

Business Intelligence Analyst, United Way of Greater Cincinnati

Annie Ryan is a Business Intelligence Analyst for United Way of Greater Cincinnati's Community Impact team. She made the switch to nonprofit work a year ago following six years of work for a small internet company.

Annie completed her MBA with a focus in Data Analytics at the University of Cincinnati. She utilizes knowledge from her previous work and schooling to gauge the community needs of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.


Korey Klein

Data Operations Director, United Way of Salt Lake

With a Master of Science in Geography, former storm chaser Korey Klein is no stranger to data. Korey currently serves as the Data Operations Director for United Way of Salt Lake. In this role, Korey is responsible for preparing and disseminating innovative data reports, dashboards, and other visualizations that guide decision making. He also leads efforts in analytics, as well as the development of data management systems that help both staff and partners utilize data efficiently. Korey will discuss how to leverage data to help convene partners and build collective impact within schools, districts and regions.


India Swearingen

Director of Insight, United Way of the Bay Area

India’s 5+ years of industry experience focuses on optimizing data and evaluation to enhance social change, such as community and housing redevelopment and educational achievement programs/initiatives. As Director Insight at United Way, India leads efforts that ensure department and overall organizational goals are aligned, and that data are seamlessly integrated into achieving organizational and community key outcomes. India has a MA in applied social psychology and program evaluation.

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