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Bridging the Healthcare Data Divide with Visual Analytics for Better Patient Outcomes

Healthcare is in the throes of transformation today like never before. Healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act are driving new business models, business processes and systems to enable this transformation.

Most healthcare providers find themselves challenged to empower their staff with the ability to see and understand their data and answer their questions, without significant IT intervention. And this impedes their access to the timely and accurate information needed to get a holistic view of their patients, identify and manage risks, and comply with newer regulations efficiently and effectively.

In this one-hour webinar, learn how 14 of the 17 best hospitals* are using healthcare data visualizations to turn data into actionable insight. See how organizations such as Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins and Piedmont Healthcare are leveraging self-service analytics to drive efficiency, improve patient care, and achieve better outcomes.

Watch this webinar to see how organizations are effectively monitoring:

  • Hospital statistics
  • Readmissions
  • Physician scorecards
  • Clinical analytics
  • And more

About the speakers

Andy Dé

Senior Global Industry Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Tableau Software
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