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What's new in Tableau 10.2

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We're excited to announce Tableau 10.2 is coming to Bosch! Whether you're new to Tableau or a longtime user, tune in to make sure you're ready for this upcoming Tableau upgrade at Bosch. This 60-minute webinar will cover Tableau 10.2’s powerful features including data integration, data preparation, and advanced analytics.

We will show the most exciting new features for the Bosch community with live demonstrations and business use cases.

What's new in Tableau 10.2?

Advanced Mapping Capabilities: Many organizations want to leverage data locked in geospatial files that is typically visualized through specialized mapping programs. Building on Tableau’s strong mapping capabilities, the new Spatial File Connector allows customers to leverage their spatial data directly in Tableau for easy geospatial analysis. Tableau now connects to Esri Shapefiles, KML, GeoJSON and MapInfo file types.

Simplified Data Prep for Everyone:

Combining and cleaning data for analysis can be a complex and time-consuming task. Tableau 10.2 accelerates the process through powerful yet approachable features, so people across the enterprise can get to their analysis faster. Tableau 10.2 now lets people union tables from a database, leveraging database structure and schemas more efficiently.

Increased Flexibility for the IT Governed Enterprise

Tableau 10.2 also improves the connectivity with SAP BW with Single Sign-on support. Tableau can now support the security rules defined in SAP BW and ensure that users can only see the data they are authorized to see.

And that’s not the full list. There will be even more features in 10.2 that we will show in the webinar!

About the speakers

Marius Kaiser

Associate Solutions Consultant, Tableau

Peter Varga

Strategic Account Manager - Tableau Software

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