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Birst and Tableau: A Partnership to End Analytical Silos

Numbers have never looked so good.

Birst and Tableau have opened up the business intelligence landscape and are partnering to deliver the speed, ease-of-use and muscle that companies need in this day and age. Organizations can easily refine and unify all of their data with Birst and then seamlessly analyze it in Tableau. This is the modern enterprise data architecture required to run today’s businesses. And the future never looked so bright.

Join us to hear from Brad Peters, co-founder and CPO at Birst, and Dan Jewett, Vice President of Product Management at Tableau, discuss the partnership.

Watch this live webinar and learn:

  • More about the Birst and Tableau product integration
  • How Tableau can connect into Birst’s Unified Business Model
  • About the speed and ease-of-use with a modern enterprise-grade architecture

About the speakers

Brad Peters

Chairman and Chief Product Officer, Birst

Dan Jewett

VP, Product Management, Tableau Software
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