On-Demand Webinar

How to Organize & Analyze Marketing Data

Data has become one of the biggest challenges and opportunities for marketers today. There is an endless stream of it coming from digital and offline channels, enough to choke many outdated data warehouse systems. And in that stream seems to lie just about everything you need to know about what your customers are doing, and what they will be doing tomorrow. The best marketers today are able to read those currents and position their companies where tomorrow's customers are going to be. How do they do that without getting drowned in the flood of information?

Watch to learn:

  • What data is most important to their strategies
  • How they organize and analyze that data so it is not overwhelming
  • Key insights they're looking for
  • When is the data too much and what do they ignore


Stephane Hamel, Director of Strategic Services, Cardinal Path

Vince Picket, Direct Marketing Data Management Expert

Thorin McGee, Editor in Chief, Target Marketing