Live Webinar

Mitigating Bias in Analytics: Data Collection

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Tableau has partnered with Women in Analytics (WIA) to host a series of virtual events on Mitigating Bias in Analytics. This first session features Renée Cummings - Founder & CEO at Urban AI and Regional Leader at Women in AI Ethics.

Renée specializes in diverse, equitable and inclusive AI design, development and deployment, principled, responsible and trustworthy AI strategy, ethical AI policy development and governance, AI risk management, AI crisis communication and using AI to save lives. She is a criminologist, criminal psychologist, AI ethicist and data activist.

This session will cover bias in data collection and:

  • Why representation in data matters
  • The impact analytics can have on people who are not represented in the data
  • Methods to evaluate data for appropriate data representation
  • How to find data sources or ways to capture data to mitigate bias in the analysis process

About the speakers

Renée Cummings

Founder & CEO at Urban AI and East Coast Regional Leader at Women in AI Ethics

Rehgan Avon

Founder/President, Women in Analytics