Bell & Tableau - Tableau in 30 Mins

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We hope you can join this session designed specifically for all Bell Tableau users!

We’re all in this never-ending search for resources – whether you’re attempting to create your first viz or a seasoned vet looking for finding the absolute best way to visualize data. Join us for this quick 30-minute Tableau session to review everything you have access to but are unaware! From learning & education, webinar & on-demand series, best Zen-master blogs, Tableau tips & tricks and more! All delivered by your dedicated Tableau account team.


About the speakers



Solution Engineer, Tableau Software

Brandi is a Solution Engineer at Tableau. She is passionate about solving complex data analytics challenges. Outside of work, she is an avid bootcamp-er, FiveThirtyEight enthusiast, and lover of all things “statistics” (look up CARMELO player projection algorithm). Affinity for most sports and sports-related activities…fantasy football anyone? #1 iggy dog-lover.


Shane Hubick

Account Executive, Tableau Software

Shane is driven to help people see and understand their data. An experienced Sales Leader supporting Canada's leading data driven organizations to solve complex business problems using data