Live Webinar

Charting the Rise of Kanye West

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Want to see how powerful, creative and fun Tableau is at transforming music data into hit insights and chart-topping dashboards?

Join this live webinar with data viz expert Sarah Bartlett to see what's possible with Tableau, as we visually analyse music data behind hip-hop legend Kanye West to chart his musical history. You'll learn a number of exciting new data viz techniques that will make your dashboards rock.

You'll learn about:

  • Data Storytelling. Visualise all of Kanye's hits and misses in a single dashboard.
  • Parameter Actions. See how this new Tableau feature can help us get behind the data.
  • Dashboard Design. Discover new design techniques to make your dashboards number 1.

About the speakers

Sarah Bartlett

Data Visualisation Consultant - Slalom